719 Fitness and Training Center


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Welcome to 719 Fitness And Training Center OF COLORADO SPRINGS located off of South Circle and Monterrey Rd. by the 7/11. In Colorado Springs, Colorado.


The training facility offers the ultimate experience for all skill levels and overall cross training aspect of fitness.  Classes are for men, women, and children. Fitness and MMA in Colorado Springs.

Adam Vigil Dominates on TV debut for Cage Campaign

Adam Vigil (3rd from left) knew what was on the line Saturday night in Pueblo. Win and he advances to the next round of the Cage Campaign's Road to London series in Fresno, California. Win and you show the world what you can do as the fights will be aired on national television in the coming weeks.

The first round saw Adam press forward and put his opponent against the cage for a easy takedown. Adam quickly took mount and began raining punches forcing his opponent to his stomach for more heavy shots. The fight was paused because of strikes to the back of the head but you are warned in rules meetings that turning your head during ground and pound may result in a unintentional back of the head strike and it will be allowed to continue. Well ref restood the action and Adam once again took his opponent down and flurried with punches and hammerfists for the Round one stoppage at 1:31.

Adam now advances to the next round in Fresno, California. Great Job Adam!

719 Fight Team comes away from No Mercy with Two KO's and one loss

March 15th, at No Mercy Extreme Fighting, 719 Fight Team sent three competitors into battle and walked away with two knockouts and one loss.

Jose Valdez got the night started facing an opponent who called him out after Jose's last win. Jose took little time in taking his opponent down and trasitioning to mount where he finished the fight at 54 seconds of the first round with punches. Next Donny Bonini went to war with his opponent. The first three rounds were mostly on the feet with Donny using his boxing to outpoint his opponent. Round Three saw Donny flurry against the cage with punches on his opponent eventually dropping him and finishing him off with more punches. In the Co Main Event, Andrew Hoogeboom lost to a tough opponent via tko in the first round.

Disciplines practiced at 719 Fight Team Mixed Martial Arts

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

Greco Roman Wrestling

Muay Thai




Women's Kickboxing Class
Learn to fight and get in shape!

Bully Prevention Classes