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 Building a Family of Champions

719 Fitness and Training Center

Welcome to the home of the 719 Fight Team,  in Colorado Springs, located off of South Circle and Monterrey Rd. by the 7/11.

This gym was opened to offer our MMA athletes the chance to be a well rounded competitor and also teach the non fighter as well. Our coaches are among the best in Colorado.


The training facility offers the ultimate experience for all skill levels and overall cross training aspect of fitness.  Classes are for men, women, and children. This is one of the best places to exceed your fitness goals in Colorado Springs.Springs.

To get started today call 719-623-9504

Striking or grappling

719 Fight Team brought three fighters to No Mercy Extreme Fighting and all three came home victorious with two being title fights.

Jose Valdez got the night started with a very technical ground game and slowly drained the life out of his opponent while being on his back, in mount with multiple takedowns and striking exchanges as well.

Next up Adam Vigil made his debut in Colorado Springs and had a war vs a very game opponent. Adam took control of the fight in the third with takedowns and solid ground and pound.

Donny Bonini was up next and he put on a great fight versus Art Duran. Donny slowly picked apart Duran with strikes before getting the TKO win in the third round and bringing home the second belt of the night for 719.

Brawler all around fighter
Boxing and grappling
Champion rise to the top
Champion rise to the top

AJ Robb wins Sparta Combat League Title!

Flyweight King Knockout power

AJ Robb needed just one insane round to knock his opponent out after weathering a very tight submission. His game opponent opened the fight with a tight flying triangle choke which had AJ in some trouble. After a few slams they restood and AJ immediately landed a huge overhand that put his opponent in danger. AJ flurried and finished for the win. No rest for AJ as he fights on Jackson's MMA, August 22nd in Pueblo.

Adam Vigil Dominates on TV debut for Cage Campaign

Fighters source Road to London

Adam Vigil (3rd from left) knew what was on the line Saturday night in Pueblo. Win and he advances to the next round of the Cage Campaign's Road to London series in Fresno, California. Win and you show the world what you can do as the fights will be aired on national television in the coming weeks.

The first round saw Adam press forward and put his opponent against the cage for a easy takedown. Adam quickly took mount and began raining punches forcing his opponent to his stomach for more heavy shots. The fight was paused because of strikes to the back of the head but you are warned in rules meetings that turning your head during ground and pound may result in a unintentional back of the head strike and it will be allowed to continue. Well ref restood the action and Adam once again took his opponent down and flurried with punches and hammerfists for the Round one stoppage at 1:31.

Adam now advances to the next round in Fresno, California. Great Job Adam!

Bully Prevention